Pedal steel is a very different instrument from the lap steel and console guitars. You play it with a steel bar like those instruments but you also modify the pitch with pedals and levers. It also has 10 strings rather than 8 or 6 strings on a lap steel. It is complicated to play because you are using your legs and knees as well as your hands (try scratching your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time).

My pedal steel is a MSA Classic SuperSustain II single neck tuned to E9 (Nashville) tuning (set up with an Emmons’ copedant). Great to play but not pleasant to carry!

Here is a recording of me playing pedal steel on a track for Claire Hamill:-


Here are some links to websites that I have found useful to refer to when learning pedal steel:-


British Steelies   –    Steel Guitar Forum

Steel Guitar Supplies / Repairs

Bob Adams’s Site   –    Gerry Hogan Music –   Promendade MusicPSG Parts   –  Steel Guitars of Nashville

Tuition / Lessons

Jonathan Gregg Lessons –   OnLineLessons (Dave Anderson)  – Jeff Rady LessonsLessons With TroyJohnny Up Lessons –  MusicCityLicks


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