Home Recording

I do have a small project studio. I use Logic Pro as my Digital Audio Workstation. I also use a Zoom L-12 for live recording and as an audio interface along with a Boss GT-1000. I am happy to collaborate remotely on recording projects and can upload audio files in all popular formats.

Manual for Zoom LiveTrak L-12
Manuals for Boss GT-1000

You can also download various sound files from Boss Tone Central for use or editing. Very useful!

Boss Tone Central GT-1000


Here are some original songs that I wrote and recorded at home using Logic Pro. The compositions are random musical styles – all instruments played by me.


You can download some tracks for free from my Bandcamp page

Live Recording with iPad

Here are a few tracks recorded at band practices straight into an iPad using a Focusrite Scarlett audio interface and an Apple camera connection kit to send simultaneous recording of different inputs into separate tracks in Auria.

Tascam Portastudio

Who remembers one of these? Just for fun here is an old cassette recording I recently unearthed of me playing wah wah guitar on a track with the Joe Walker Band:-

Early Studio Recording

More – nostalgia – here is a recording we did in a studio in Scarborough ran by some lads out of the Chris Rea band. Apologies for sound quality I took this from an old mixdown onto cassette:-


Here are some links to websites that I have found useful for home recording:-

HomeRecording.com –   Logic Users Group  –  Why Logic Pro RulesMusician On A Mission –   Studiospares

For Virtual Instruments/Sounds/Midi files:- –  Toontrack   – Groove MonkeeOdd Grooves –  Native Instruments  –  Boss ToneCentral SoundSnap

To rough out backing tracks – Band In A Box –  iReal Pro (share chord chart as midi) – Karaoke Version (download all instruments separately)

There are various licensing and distribution outlets for any music that you might produce. The following may be of interest:-

Musicbed   –   Songtradr    –   Dittomusic  –  Bandcamp  –  Soundreef