Chord Diagrams with Intervals

I am a guitarist primarily and used to looking at chord diagrams for reference.

I like to easily see what the intervals are within the chords (which note is the root, major or minor 3rd, 5th and dominant 7th). I have the Mel Bay E9 chord sheet and the Hal Leonard book of chords and scales but neither really let me see the intervals at a glance.

So I have had a go at creating my own simple chord diagrams with a system that shows the intervals. It was a useful exercise for me in familiarising myself with the neck but I thought the chord sheets that I have created might also be of interest to others learning pedal steel. So..

Here is a downloadable link to a pdf version of simple major, minor and dominant 7th chords in all major keys. I have kept it really simple – just using three pedals and two levers. Hopefully it is easy to understand from the explanation on each sheet. I have included a reference to where I have the levers for raising and lowering the e string but that may differ if you have a different copedant.

If you want individual sheets for each key you can download them below.