GFI Ultra (Keyless)

I have recently acquired a second hand GFI Ultra. I purchased it second hand from Nic Payne (from the Derby area) who has unfortunately decided to retire due to problems with his hands. Nic was storing it in a large Mercedes truck on a farm – so I guess that gives it good country credentials!

GFI Ultra (keyless version)

It is the keyless version with an additional 4th pedal. The previous owner had an unusual copedent but Gary at Promenade Music altered it to the standard GFI E9 set up for me. However, at the moment it still has Nic’s change on the fourth pedal raising the 6th string to F# (which is currently replicated on the right knee left lever on the standard GFI set up).

I am considering adding extra pulls on the 4th pedal to raise the 5th and 10th strings to A so as to make the pedal function as a “Franklin Pedal”. Not sure whether to remove the F# pull from the right knee left lever at the same time (Franklin doesn’t seem to have that change on his RKL lever).

I’m really enjoying the guitar which has the advantage of being very light and easy to transport.