Pictures of some of the people who I have performed, recorded or filmed with over the years appear below (sorry if you are not included – we didn’t take as many pictures in pre-historic times – thank God!):-

Project links

Joe Walker Band

Information about a popular local band that I played in during the 1980s

Tees Hot Club

This is a provider of regular live jazz in Teesside in which I performed for a long time (visit website)

Seaview Playboys

This is an Americana / Roots music band which formed a few years ago but is now active again (visit website).

Rooster Roxx

This was a band that I helped organise to feature the talents of the famous rock promoter/manager and restaurateur/night club owner – John McCoy on vocals and harmonica

The Two Wolves

This is a film/television project in which I was involved as one of the producers.

Annabel Pattinson

I recently worked with the wonderfully talented Annabel Pattinson on a songwriting collaboration and recording project.

Other Skills

I have complimentary skills in the areas of home and studio recording, music production, composition, songwriting and arranging. I also dabble with vector graphics, website design and use of social media for marketing. I also have experience in TV production.

I am a qualified UK lawyer (solicitor) working mainly in the field of commercial contracts. I have a good working knowledge of the music industry, theatre and television, including dealing with intellectual property issues, and have assisted a number of artists with their careers as their professional adviser.

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